40,000 Italians Cited and Fined for Breaking Lockdown Directive

As Italy looks to extend and tighten its lockdown, officials have released data showing that over 40,000 citations have been issued to citizens who have ignored lockdown instructions.

Under the current directive, people are permitted to leave their homes. However, they can only do so in order to shop for essential supplies such as food and medicine, for reasons of health, or for critical work commitments. Citizens must carry identification and a signed form with them when they leave their dwellings to legally attest to why they are outside during the quarantine.

Between March 11 and March 17, police stopped 700,000 people caught on the streets during the lockdown and found more than 43,000 citizens to be in violation of the terms of the quarantine.

Violators face fines of several hundred Euro, and even future jail time, depending on the severity of the charge.

The government has stated that too many people are out in the streets and parks in spite of the decree, which has led the Prime Minister and other officials to suggest that stricter measures will be put in place.

Italy marked its deadliest day of the pandemic on Wednesday, so Italians are seeking for other ways to keep comradery high during the challenging national moment. This includes applauding medical workers and singing from their windows.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

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