59 Nuns Test Positive for Coronavirus Near Rome

Rome has seen cases of the novel coronavirus grow in recent days, even while the largest numbers of critically ill remain in the north of Italy. After a large jump in cases on Friday, it was revealed that 59 nuns had tested positive near Rome.

Italy’s news agency ASNA reported that 40 nuns tested positive at the Figlie di San Camillo Convent on via Anagnina in Grottaferrata. At the Congregatione delle Suore Angeliche di San Paolo Convent on Rome’s via Casilina, 19 of the 21 nuns at the convent tested positive.

Both convents have been isolated.

The current case totals for the region of Lazio are (as of 6 pm 20 March 2020):

 Officials believe that the town of Fondi may be a new epicenter. Source (in Italian).

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