All Italian Schools Close Due to Coronavirus

It was confirmed on Wednesday evening that all pre-schools, schools, and universities will be closed until at least March 15th due to precautionary measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus. This announcement came under a week after many Northern Italian schools had already been closed down.

The Italian media announced on Wednesday afternoon that all schools will be shut effective on Thursday the 5th of March. However, the Italian government stated that this was not confirmed and that the media had only predicted this to happen and that a statement would come later that evening. This statement did confirm what the media had predicted.

With over 3,000 confirmed cases and over 100 deaths, Italy is still the most affected country in Europe with the virus. The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte said: “We are focused on taking all measures for direct containment or delaying the spread of the virus”. 

Photo by kyo azuma on Unsplash

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