All of Italy Goes into Total Closure

Late on March 11th, 2020, it was announced that Italy will go into a complete shutdown as of Thursday, March 12th. This is expected to last until at least March 25th. The message from the Italian Prime minister, Giuseppe Conte is to STAY AT HOME.

Italy was officially quarantined and put on lockdown on March 10th. This meant that businesses, coffee shops, and other non-essential services would close at 6 pm. However, just one day later, more extreme measures are taken on the 11th of March. ‘Social distancing’ was also advised which meant staying a meter apart from any other person.

What does a Total Shutdown mean?

This means that for the most part only the supermarkets, food shops, post offices, and banks will stay open but may have reduced hours. Only one person per family can leave their home at any one time and they must carry with them an official self-declaration document that can be downloaded online. People are told to work from home unless it is absolutely necessary to go to your job. Public transport remains open but will have reduced hours and traveling must be for essential reasons. Churches are open without religious services.

As of March 12th, 12,462 people are infected with the Coronavirus in Italy with 827 deaths.

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