First Church Closed in Rome for Coronavirus

The church of San Luigi Dei Francesi has closed in Rome in precaution against the spread of the novel coronavirus in Italy. The decision to close the church was made after one of the priests tested positive in Paris for the coronavirus on Sunday. The 43-year-old drove from Rome to France in mid-Febuary passing through Lombardy which is one of the more infected areas of Italy. It is thought that he likely contracted the virus while in the north of Italy, after leaving Rome.

The church of San Luigi Dei Francesi is a very popular Catholic church with tourists in Rome. It is most famous for the works of the controversial Baroque painter Caravaggio, including the Calling of St. Matthew, the Inspiration of St. Matthew and the Martyrdom of St. Matthew.

The church is situated in the center of Rome only a few minute’s walk from Piazza Navona on Piazza San Luigi Dei Francesi. The church was designed by Giacomo della Porta between 1518-1589.

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