Fish and Birds Return to Venice’s Canals as Waters Clear Thanks to Lockdown

Venice is one of the most visited cities in Italy. While over-tourism has been a concern in recent years, the city depends upon tourists for a large part of its economy.

With the shutdown of all of Italy and planned closures to EU borders that will ban non-essential travel, all of the visitors have disappeared.

The gondolas which usually ferry tourists along the canals have all been stopped, as have many of the water taxis and buses that transport residents as everyone is ordered to stay home except for essential reasons.

As a result of the minimal boat traffic, the usually muddied waters of the canals are now so clear that some residents have spotted fish swimming. The mayor has said this is due to the sediment being allowed to settle and not because the water is normally polluted.

Swans have even been spotted in the canals thanks to the decreased traffic and minimal human presence. Though reports of dolphins have been proven to be false.

Feature Photo by Federico Beccari on Unsplash

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