Government Orders All of Italy in Lockdown to Slow Spread of Coronavirus

It has been announced by the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte that all of Italy will be quarantined as of Tuesday, March 10th. Many northern regions, which include Lombardy and Veneto, were forced to shut down on the 7th of March which caused panic among people to leave these infected areas. Due to this panic, it has been decided that all areas throughout Italy will be treated the same.

A shut down of a whole country due to the Coronavirus is the most extreme measure taken by any government in Europe and the second most extreme in the world other than China. People are advised to stay at home and avoid traveling at all costs. 

All public gatherings are banned, and all businesses – including supermarkets, restaurants, and bars – must close by 6 pm. These measures will be in effect through at least April 3, 2020. All museums in Italy were already ordered to close, and no masses or religious celebrations will be held.

Almost 8,000 people in Italy have been infected as of March 9th with almost 500 deaths. 

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