Italy Approves Development of Smartphone App to Track and Isolate Infections

The Italian government has selected a smartphone app which will soon help with the roll out of the country’s Phase 2 response to the novel coronavirus. The app, which will be called Immuni, will help to trace contacts when a person tests positive.

The app is voluntary, but it will require 60% of the population to use it in order for it to be effective. The information will be tracked by Bluetooth and will be completely anonymous. If someone is found to be positive, Immuni will notify all of the other phones which were recently in close proximity to the infected person.

Essentially, the app will emit a signal over Bluetooth which can be recorded by other nearby phones which also have the app installs. The code that it emits will be anonymous.

Immuni will also function as a symptom tracking app, allowing those who do test positive to report their state of health on a voluntary basis.

The app will be developed by Bending Spoons, a Milan-based company, and will then be rolled out and tested in a few select regions before being released nationwide.

woman's hands holding smart phone

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

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