Italy Sees 475 Deaths in One Day – Worse Than Any Country During Outbreak

At the nightly press conference provided by Italy’s Protezione Civile, officials announced that Wednesday, March 19th was the deadliest day on record. 475 people positive for COVID-19 died in 24 hours – marking the highest number of deaths seen anywhere in a single day. Not even China experience as many absolute deaths per day during the peak in the infections.

New infections also continued to grow, going up by 2,648. The number of people who recovered in the same 24 hours was 1,084.

The total number of infections in Italy stands at 28,710. Officials at the same press conference expressed hope that the number of new infections was stabilizing, at least in the hardest-hit northern regions of the country. However, they underscored that it was too early to confirm this trend.

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