Italy Tightens Controls on Those Planning to Enter the Country

As Italians brace for an extended lockdown, even citizens and residents who are outside of the country are warned that they will face tight controls if they return.

The new decree from the transportation authority states that anyone entering Italy will have to undertake 14 days of self-isolation, even if they are asymptomatic for that entire period.


Anyone arriving in the national territory by air, sea, rail or land transport, is required to present a self-declaration form before embarking in order to state:

  • the reasons for the trip
  • the complete address of the home Italy where the period of health surveillance and isolation will be carried out
  • information on the private vehicle that will be used to reach this home
  • a mobile telephone number where you can receive communications during the entire period of surveillance and isolation.

Transport carriers have been instructed to deny boarding to anyone with a temperature above 37.5C and to ensure that their facilities enable passengers to stay 1 meter apart at all times.

Photo by Jordan Sanchez on Unsplash

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