Italy Tightens Lockdown with Stricter Rules on Leaving Private Homes

In a late-night televised announcement on Saturday, Prime Minister Conte outlined the new stricter measures that would now be in place for all of Italy. 

A written decree is still forthcoming, but Conte announced that:

  1. All absolutely non-essential businesses will close. This leaves only supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, postal service, critical factories, and minimal transportation operating. 
  2. Outdoor exercise is no longer permitted away from your personal residence. The exact wording of the decree has yet to be released, but the one-meter rule must be respected at all times.
  3. All cars will be stopped and you must show a legally binding form to show that you are traveling for an essential reason. This form must be carried when you leave the house for any reason, even if you are going out on foot to shop for necessities.
Italian prime minister at desk
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

These measures have yet to be released in written format but will be in place through April 3. This deadline may be extended.

Lombardy and Veneto have also deployed even tighter controls to stop the spread of the virus. 

The announcement came hours after Italy’s civil protection authority released the data for March 21st, showing that 793 people had died and citing more than 4,800 new infections in a single day.

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