Italy Unveils Plan to Loosen Lockdown in Phase 2

Italy’s Prime Minister took to the airways on Sunday night to announce the government’s plans to loosen restrictions on May 4th. Conte said that Italians must “learn to live with the virus” in the next phase.

While the current directive will expire May 3rd and be replaced by slightly relaxed rules. If these rules are respected and the infection curves stay under control, then more businesses will be allowed to open on May 18th. From there, bars, restaurants, and hairdressers can reopen on June 1st.

If there is a new peak at any time, the government will revise this decree.

At this time, the plan for May 3rd will allow people to:

1. Visit close relatives who live in the same region. Only visiting is allowed – no parties, no large gatherings, the appropriate distance must be maintained, and masks must be used. This does not allow for visiting friends.
2. Move within the same municipality where they live. People cannot go to another region unless it is for work, health reasons, or emergencies, or to return to their official residence.
3. You cannot go to your second/vacation home.
4. Parks will reopen. But this will only take place if sufficient distances can be maintained between the public. If not, they will remain closed. Playgrounds will remain closed.
5. Go for a run/walk beyond the current 200 meters. Only allowed if alone (or with one family member) and only when a distance of 2 meters can be maintained.
6. No other recreational activities are allowed.
7. Groups and gatherings (indoors or out) are still prohibited.
8. Individual sports training (for professionals athletes) will be allowed.
9. Masks must be worn in all closed indoor areas or whenever safe distances (e.g. even outside) cannot be met.
10. Prices for masks will be controlled at €0.50.
11. Only multi-layered masks can officially be used. (e.g. bandanas are not sufficient).
12. Take out food is allowed, but only if safe distances and health standards are ensured. Food must be consumed only at home.
13. Public Transportation will be open but with limited access.
14. Funerals can be held with a maximum of 15 mourners, and only outdoors.
15. It is required to stay home if you have symptoms.
16. Testing Covid-19 positive means you will be quarantined for at least 14 days.
17. Those entering Italy by air, sea, land, etc for the above mentioned urgent purposes (work, etc), must present a document stating your official purpose, where they will be staying in quarantine (required for two weeks, no exceptions), a phone number, etc.
18. Notify the ASL [health authority] of your arrival.
19. Then arrive at the destination with private means. (e.g. no taxis or public transportation).
20. If it is not possible to reach the final destination with private means, entrants to Italy need to quarantine where they arrived, and then undergo a second 14-day quarantine at their final destination.
21. All the above regarding entering Italy also holds true for brief stays (72 hours which can be extended an extra 48 hours) but, if you cannot leave the territory within this time, then it is required that you quarantine for 2 weeks.
22. Transit through Italy to another country with your own private means is allowed (only for the urgent reasons listed above) within a 24 hour period and you must communicate this to the ASL.
23. The above holds true if you’re transiting through Italy by plane. Any symptoms must be reported to the ASL.
24. The regulations are somewhat different if arriving by ship.
25. The elderly or those with prior pathologies should stay home unless strictly necessary.
26. The “autocertificazione” will still be needed for any movements outside of your own home.

The official decree (in Italian) is available here.

masked person
Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash

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