Italy’s Death Rate Rises Again but Cases Drop for Third Straight Day

After recording 651 deaths on Sunday and 601 deaths on Monday, Italy’s daily coronavirus-related fatalities jumped back up on Tuesday to 743, the Civil Protection authority announced.

It was the second deadliest day of the outbreak so far, bringing the total number of victims up to 6,820 people. To date, Italy has the highest death toll of any country impacted by the pandemic.

Officials warned that it was too early to be sure of any trends, but in positive signs, the number of new cases dropped for the third straight day. The number of new patients rose by 3,612, compared to 3,780 cases the day before.

Italy’s total number of cumulative cases now stands at 69,176. This includes the 6,820 people who have died as well as 8,326 patients who have recovered. The number of active cases, therefore, totals 54,030, with 3,396 of those currently in intensive care.

Source: Italian Ministry of Health

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