Italy’s Divorce Rate Jumps 60% During the Pandemic

The long lockdown endured by Italians in spring 2020, which has been followed by varying restrictions by region, has not been easy on some marriages.

Now, Matteo Santini, president of the National Divorce Lawyers Association (Associazione nazionale avvocati divorzisti) has told RAI news that there has been a huge increase in separation requests. In fact, the annual average is up 60 percent compared to 2019.

Italy has traditionally had one of the lowest divorce rates in Europe, but according to one recent survey, the lockdown made it harder to hide double lives and infidelities. This is the reason cited for 40 percent of the divorces in 2020.

Another 30 percent have been tied to increased domestic violence, which has also been on the rise during the pandemic.

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Photo by Levi Alvarez on Unsplash

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