New Government Recommendations Ask Italians to Stop Hugging

The Italian government is working very hard to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and they have listed a number of rules on how to stay safe and on how to slow down this rapid infection. The number of people infected by the Coronavirus in Italy has reached over 3,000 people and the numbers increase daily.

A common greeting in Italy is a kiss on each cheek. This is no longer advised including hugging or even shaking hands. This also includes people you are friendly with.

If you feel that you have any symptoms you should self isolate and call your doctor. Avoid going directly to the hospital.

If you are over 75 years old you are advised to stay at home and if you are over 65 you are also advised to avoid meeting people.

Standing at least one meter (3 feet) away from any person is also advised, and the government further suggests avoiding any crowded places.

No sharing cups or drinking glasses with any friends or relatives.

Visitation rights or accompanying a friend or relative to the hospital is also restricted.

Also if you are an Italian football/soccer fan you may find that going to a game is out of the question because all sporting events including Serie A matches will be postponed or played behind closed doors.

Schools and preschools are also closed until at least Monday the 16th of March.

This advice and these rules will apply for 30 days but will be re-evaluated every 15 days.

Stay safe.

Photo by Anastasia Sklyar on Unsplash

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