WHO: Italy May Reach Coronavirus Peak This Week

After three days straight days with small decreases in the rate of new infections spreading in Italy, WHO’s deputy director Ranieri Guerra suggested in a radio interview that Italy might reach its peak in its battle against coronavirus this week.

 “The slowing in the pace of growth is an extremely positive factor, and in some regions I believe we are close to the drop-off point of the curve, therefore the peak may be reached this week and then fall away,” Guerra said.

masks on table

The prediction comes 16 days after the start of a national lockdown. The WHO representative said that he would expect to see an effect 15-20 days after the government-mandated restriction in movements, making this week and the beginning of next week a decisive time for Italy’s pandemic curve.

The remarks come one day after Italy saw a new spike in virus-related deaths.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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